We are Tarantulas Of The World. A group of people dedicated to the arachnid community. On this website you will be able to benefit from care sheets,  instructions and information about the tarantulas we are so crazy about. Care sheets showcased are based on the personal experience of the writers and authors of this website. We know there are many other ways to keep your favorite pets and we know that tarantulas and many other arachnids have a mind of their own. What works for one keeper might not work for the other but we are here to help regardless of what you need.


We will also be posting DYI and tutorials on enclosures, feeders, colonies and more! Please follow us while we explore the great world of tarantulas and don’t be shy! We will be traveling around the US visiting Expos and known tarantula handlers to bring you the best in the Tarantula world. New content added every few days. Be sure to follow us and comment on our posts.


In addition you can send us a picture of your pet and have it showcased on our website! Simply email us a direct link to your image and we will take care of the rest (image size has to be 250 x 167). If you also have a question about your specific tarantula feel free to contact us. Our community of experts will be surely glad to help you get the answers you are looking for.

So stay tuned and be sure to invite your friends.


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