Ceratogyrus darlingi breeding report

ceratogyrus darlingi pairing

Species: Ceratogyrus darlingi

Common name: Rear horned baboon tarantula

Successful: Yes


The female molted on December 10th, 2015 and after fully hardened was fed heavily between December 20th-25th

First pairing took place on December 26th at 9pm and three separate insertions were witnessed.

The male was paired with female a total of 3 times between December 26th and janurary 6th

After the last pairing attempt the female was fed heavily. She dropped a sac on February 10th 2016

After 25 days the sac was pulled on march 6th, 2016

Post-mating care:

no special care. Female was kept at a constant 75-78 degrees throughout the project

Total count: 116 EWLs


Ceratogyrus darlingi caresheet