Check out these cool Tarantula Communities and promote this awesome hobby!


The Tarantula Keepers Coalition

The Tarantula Keepers Coalition was created by a board of avid and motivated individuals hailing from many interdisciplinary backgrounds; creating a diverse and extremely knowledgeable collaboration. All of our board members are dedicated invertebrate keepers who are anchored into the community, and thus want nothing but the best for the practice as a whole.

The Tarantula Keepers Coalition intends to be an emphatic and assertive force on the behalf of all invertebrate enthusiasts. While we are aware that there are organizations that give our community a voice, and we do plan to unite with said organizations in order to facilitate our goals, we do not feel that a voice significant enough is given; a voice that the community deserves. The voice of the invertebrate keeper will not come second hand, as it often does, channeled through the TKC.



British Tarantula Society

 “The aim of the British Tarantula Society is to promote and encourage the responsible husbandry, research, captive breeding, conservation and general knowledge of theraphosids, scorpions and associated fauna”

ATS Badge

American Tarantula Society

The American Tarantula Society or ATS, established in 1991, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering education about tarantulas and other arachnids. A cooperative effort, our membership includes everyone from professional arachnologists to kids of all ages. The common threads that bind us together are an interest in tarantulas, scorpions, and other arachnids and that we either need help from others, or have some to share.